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Two Steps to Choosing a Collagen Supplement

So, you’re looking to give your skincare routine a boost with a collagen supplement. There’s just one problem: You have no clue where to start! These two steps can help you decide what type of collagen supplement may be right for you.

Step One: Decide which type of collagen supplement is most convenient for you. 

Hydrolyzed collagen, or collagen peptides, consists of collagen proteins that have been broken down into a smaller form that’s easier for the body to absorb. It’s typically available as a powder that easily absorbs into whatever it’s mixed with—smoothies, coffee, tea, plain old water, you name it.

Collagen supplements are also available as capsules. Like any supplement in pill form, it’s pretty easy to take. (You just have to remember to do so!) 

Gummies may seem like the most convenient option for collagen supplements; however, they sometimes contain high levels of sugar, in addition to artificial ingredients and fillers. 


Step Two: Consider the source of collagen.

Collagen in supplements typically comes from one of four animal sources:

  • Cows (bovine collagen)
  • Pigs (porcine collagen)
  • Chickens (chicken collagen)
  • Fish (marine collagen)

In order to get the most out of your collagen supplement, aim to get your collagen from a reputable source that doesn’t use artificial fillers or additives. Bellway Beauty Super Fiber + Collagen contains bovine hydrolyzed collagen peptides and other all-natural ingredients, including organic psyllium husk fiber to filter out toxins and help skin glow.