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Can't Poop? Here's the Truth About Constipation & Fiber

Quick: When’s the last time you pooped? 🤔 If you have to think long and hard to remember (or if your poops are long and hard), then it’s likely that you’re constipated. Thankfully, you’re not alone: At least 2.5 million Americans are experiencing constipation right now.

FACT: 2.5 million Americans go to the doctor for constipation each year.

But what exactly is this issue keeping so many from dropping loads like they need to? Long story short, constipation occurs when stool moves too slowly through your colon, making it hard and difficult to pass. That leads to stomach cramps, bloating, and some not-fun times on the toilet. 

Lucky for you, there’s an easy way to solve constipation: Fiber.

FACT: Only 3% of Americans get enough of fiber in their diets.

Fiber promotes regular bowel movements, literally getting sh*t moving, so you can drop deuces daily and not have to strain when you do. 💩 However, only 3% of Americans get enough of fiber in their diets... which might explain why so many people have trouble pooping. 

It’s hard to blame them, though. The FDA recommends that you eat about 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber a day—that’s like eating 7 cups of blueberries, 8 bananas every, or 10 salads. Ain't nobody got time for that! That's where fiber supplements can help!

Should you take a fiber supplement?

Maybe! It is clinically proven that increased fiber intake in low fiber individuals can increase the amount of bowel movements they experience. In fact, 77% of individuals with chronic constipation found some relief by increasing daily fiber intake.

FACT: 77% of individuals with chronic constipation found some relief by increasing daily fiber intake

Natural fiber supplements, like Bellway, help draw water to the colon, softening and increasing the bulk your stool, making it them easier to pass. 

VERDICT: Increasing fiber intake can be an effective way to treat constipation in individuals who lack fiber in their daily diet. 


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