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Want Healthier Skin? Try Collagen *and* Fiber

Breakouts, dry patches, dullness—sometimes it seems like the pesky problems with our skin are endless. While collagen has been touted as an easy way to fix these issues, it’s not the only beauty-enhancing supplement in town. Fiber supplements can improve your skin, too! That’s why one of the best ways to get healthier skin is to start from the inside and take collagen and fiber.   

First, a quick 101 on collagen. It’s the most abundant protein in our bodies, helping to create structure for many of our organs, including our skin. Once we hit age 25, our natural supply of collagen starts to deplete. This can lead to dullness, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Supplements can help make up for this organic loss of collagen, leading to skin that looks younger and healthier.




So, where does fiber come in? And is it really just the orange stuff my grandpa drinks?

Great questions! Fiber, which is a component of plants that our bodies can’t break down, keeps our digestive system running smoothly. This is beneficial for our skin because what’s in our gut can show up on our faces, thanks to the gut-skin axis. (Ever break out after eating too much sugar, or notice your skin is way brighter when you drink more water? That’s the gut-skin axis in action!) 

By helping to clear waste from our bodies, fiber helps clear our skin, too. Considering the verdict is still out on whether collagen can help prevent acne and pimples, taking fiber in addition to collagen is a great way to ensure healthy skin. Even more, fiber improves the way we absorb nutrients and other skin-enhancing goods from the food we eat, like—you guessed it—collagen. 

But you don’t need to borrow Pop-Pop’s orange stuff to increase your fiber intake. And you don’t even need to take two different supplements to get collagen and fiber. Bellway Beauty gets you closer to your healthiest skin ever with 15 grams of collagen (plus hyaluronic acid) and 18 percent of the fiber you need in a day. Not to mention, it’s made with organic ingredients and flavored with real fruit—nothing artificial and orange. Just be sure to confirm with your doctor that it’s right for you, as you would with any new supplement.