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5 Easy Ways to Get More Fiber in Your Diet

The FDA’s recommended dietary fiber intake can be intimidating, considering that 95% of Americans don’t come close to the advised 21 to 25 grams per day for women and 30 to 38 grams for men. But eating more fiber isn’t as hard as it seems! From upgrading your snacks to taking a psyllium husk fiber supplement, these five easy ways for getting more fiber in your diet are simple tweaks that can have a major impact on your health.

Snack on trail mix.

When you’ve got the munchies, opt for a snack that can put you on track to increasing your fiber intake. Some brands of trail mix pack as much as 2 grams of fiber per ¼ cup, thanks to nuts and dried fruit being a reliable source of dietary fiber.

...or snack on popcorn.

If trail mix is too drastic of a change for your snacking preferences, popcorn may be right up your alley. Unsalted, low-fat microwave popcorn is surprisingly high in fiber, with 4 grams of dietary fiber per ounce. 

95% of Americans don’t come close to the advised 21 to 25 grams per day for women and 30 to 38 grams for men.

Eat the entire fruit.

Incorporating more fruit into your diet is a surefire way to get more fiber, but eating the skin of the fruit is an extra step that can really boost your intake. Case in point: eating a small apple with the skin gets you nearly 2 more grams of fiber than eating without. 

Upgrade your rice, pasta and bread.

You don’t necessarily have to give up rice, pasta, and bread entirely to improve your diet; simply replacing them with high-fiber versions can make a major impact. Instead of regular pasta or white rice and bread, opt for brown rice and whole wheat pasta and bread for an increase in fiber. 

Take a psyllium husk fiber supplement.

Whether taken in pill or powder form, psyllium husk fiber supplements can help fill in the gaps of your dietary fiber intake without fermenting in your gut, as some other supplements can. If you’re looking for a natural psyllium husk supplement, Bellway is the perfect option. Made with just psyllium husk fiber and flavored with real fruit, they give you all the incredible benefits of fiber, without artificial ingredients.