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How to Crush Your Daily Routine Every Day

As much as some people may prefer to live spontaneously, humans really are creatures of habit. While consistency is important for some habits to be effective (like drinking Bellway 😉) having a daily routine actually has positive effects for us! Sticking to one can be a struggle, though. How many times have you set your alarm for a morning workout, only to hit snooze a couple times? Same. Luckily, we’ve got three easy tips to help you stick to your daily routine. 

Why should I have a daily routine?

Having a daily routine can sound daunting, but that kind of structure can benefit your mental and overall health. You’ll feel less stressed when you know you have a system for getting everything done, including getting a good night’s rest, eating, and exercising. This can minimize anxiety, and also help you feel more productive every day.

How can I stick to my daily routine?

Set small goals and track your progress.

No need to go from having no routine to scheduling your day to the minute! For example, you can start with a goal of exercising for 15 minutes every day for a week. Once you’ve mastered that, bump it up to 30 minutes. See? Baby steps! 

Stick to a schedule.

Routines are so much easier when your timing is consistent. Try to do your everyday tasks—like waking up, eating lunch, or going to bed—at the same time every day. (But don’t forget the first step! Start with small goals.) Before you know, you’ll be so accustomed to doing things at the same time every day that you might not even need to look at the clock to do them! 

Make it fun!

Try your best to keep things interesting where you can. Set a song you like for your alarm. Include a solo dance party in your daily schedule. Hey, just because it’s a routine doesn’t mean it has to be conventional!